Monday, September 6, 2010

Project 365

I love my Project 365 scrapbook from Becky Higgins.  However, I don't love it when I get behind on my journaling. The funny thing is, I thought this summer would be a great time for me to really stay on top of my scrapbook, but instead I hardly wrote any journal entries.  I did take my picture of the day or *POTD* faithfully, and I have my fingers are crossed that looking at the picture will jog my memory of the day. No more excuses, school has started, we are on a routine, and I am just going to start with today and work my way backwards. Here are a few pictures of my scrapbook so far.

If you're unfamiliar with Project 365, I would really encourage you to check it out.  I am really happy with the scrapbook, and I think anyone can adapt the kit to their needs. Click here for more information.


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