Saturday, June 2, 2012

Graduation Party

Hi everyone! It has been super busy at the Egaas house. Our oldest daughter, Madeline, is graduating from high school, so we had an open house with family and friends in celebration. I thought I would share some of the party details.
I ordered the open house invitations (on left) from Pear Tree Greetings.
I was 100% happy with how they turned out! Pear Tree Greetings
prints on 100lb matte cardstock and they look great. We also ordered
her thank you's from PTG. I ordered photo stamps from
They looked cute and added a personal touch to the envelope. 
I made colored tissue paper pom-poms for a *pop* of coordinating color.
I followed the Martha Stewart pattern for making theses. They're a big bang for
little money-NICE! I hang them using the matching colored twine
from My Craft Spot.
We ordered custom labels from Jones Soda's with her pictures.
I went to the UPS store and enlarged pictures
to hang up for decoration. At the UPS store
you can print an XL print for only $4.00.
The picture measures 23 1/2"x32 1/2".
I just took a picture saved on a flash drive,
handed it to someone who works at the UPS store,
and they printed it for me. Easy Peasy.
I think they look great. 
My mom was sweet enough to sew me a banner to add to the
green/blue color theme. The banner is so fast and easy to make.
I cut a 5" square, traced the 5" inch pattern on the fabric,
and then cut the square out with pinking shears.
 We use double
bias tape from Joanne's to hold the blocks together. I think it's less than $2.00. 
Just sew the three sides together, pin the block to the bias tape,
and then stitch the banner together. Easy!
I also used framed pictures to decorate and then after the party
let the Grandparent's and Aunt's/Uncles take one of the pictures
home with them after the party. I know they all loved getting
a current picture, all framed and ready to go. I took Maddie's
*senior pictures* and just printed them at Costco, which was also
a money saver. 
Maddie loves cookies, so for a sweet little *thank you for
coming and supporting Maddie*, I purchased cookies
from Costco, wrapped them in a clear plastic bag,
and then wrapped them in white bags that I purchased at
Packaging Specialties. Again, I stayed with Maddie's school
colors, blue and green, and created a tag using stamps from
My Craft Spot. The *Thanks* is from the Tiny Tags set and the
*You make life sweet* is from the Sweet Sentiments set #2.
I only had to *whip up* 65 of these little treats.
We had a chocolate fountain complete with strawberries, caramels,
marshmallows, twinkies, and small pretzels.
A banner greeted people. 
I made sure to take pictures with everyone. Now, we have updated
pictures with relatives and friends.

I got the special cake from Costco!
This is just one of the gorgeous flower bouquets family and friends
were kind enough to bring. :)

Pulled pork sliders (crock pot)
Coleslaw salad
Meatballs in teriyaki (crock pot)
Shrimp with cocktail sauce
Cheese tray (Safeway)
Smoked salmon tray
2 pasta salads
Fruit tray (Safeway)
Veggie tray (Safeway)
Mini croissant sandwiches tray (Safeway)
nut cups

Lefse- Grandma Egaas
It was a beautiful day for our beautiful daughter. :)


  1. WOW!! Your party looks awesome! I have been looking all over to figure out how to make the tissue paper pom poms! Thanks for sharing a link to the instructions!

    Congrats to Maddie!

  2. Oh, what a wonderful celebration and the party decorations look fabulous!!! I love the tissue pom poms. I made those for my daughters baby shower last fall and they were a hit-everyone kept asking how did you make them, they look so awesome! Anyway, I am going to make them for a wedding shower coming up to-they add a lot of pop to a room.
    Congratulations to your daughter!!! Thanks for sharing all the pic's. I am sure you had a beautiful day!!!

    Sherrie K

  3. Wow, you've done a great job decorating and personalising everything. You don't look old enough to have a daughter graduating high school. Congrats TFS

    Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment.
    Have a gr8 week

  4. Ally - What a glorious post!! What a wonderful celebration you prepared and hosted for your precious Maddie! Everything turned out wonderfully (including the weather, by the looks of things). How marvelous to celebrate Madeline's graduation with such joy! Congratulations to Maddie - and to you!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your amazing ideas! I will definitely be using some of these ideas for my daughter's graduation party in May. :)